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Insonorisation M.G.
Much more than just acoustic and thermal insulation

Founded in the year 2000, Les Insonorisations M.G. today employs eight workers who genuinely care about providing you with high-quality service when it comes to acoustic and thermal insulation for your home.

At Les Insonorisations M.G., the soundproofing and insulation work we perform for our clients is always done with utmost professionalism, rigor and attention to detail. We believe it’s important for us to take the time to ascertain your needs so we can offer you the best possible solution. That’s why we always perform a thorough analysis of the building, as well as the sound that needs to be controlled.

Besides being certified by numerous professional associations, we also make it a point to use only high-quality products that are environmentally friendly so you can enjoy your home in peace with safe, effective sound insulation. To ensure results that will leave you fully satisfied, we also take the necessary time to give you all the advice you need and present you with all the available options so you can make an informed decision.

insonorisation versus isolation de plafond

Insulation vs. soundproofing

Soundproofing, which is also sometimes referred to as “sound insulation” or “acoustic insulation,” is a process that reduces the transmission of noise from one space to another through the placement of sound absorbing materials inside a building’s walls, floors or ceilings. Insulation, in a strict sense, simply impedes the transfer of air between two different environments. So you should be aware that a material isn’t necessarily soundproof just because it provides insulation. That’s why it’s vitally important to do business with a specialist!

The Insonorisations M.G. difference

When you choose to entrust your acoustic and thermal insulation projects to us, you’re choosing premium-quality products and service. That’s the Insonorisations M.G. difference. We’re very aware of the fact that, when we work for you, we’re working inside your home. That’s why we’re extra careful to respect the surroundings and leave them spotless once the work is completed. We’re here for you at all times, to give you advice and explain every phase of the work to you. You can count on our team!

Certified by numerous professional associations

  • Certificate of Accreditation in residential construction
  • Certificate of Accreditation in building envelope training
  • Certificate of Accreditation in improving the energy-efficiency of existing dwellings
  • Certificate of Accreditation in Cellulose Insulation Soundproofing from the Igloo center of expertise
  • Certificate of Accreditation in residential construction from the Igloo center of expertise
  • Certification in polyurethane spray foam application from BUILDING PROFESSIONALS TRAINING
  • Certification in efficient techniques for improving building envelope insulation and sealing
  • Certificate of membership in the Association des entrepreneurs en construction du Québec (Quebec Construction Contractors Association)
  • Certificate of membership in the Fédération des Associations et Corporations en Construction du Québec (Quebec Federation of Construction Associations and Corporations) FACCQ group insurance policy
  • Authorized CALI system installers
  • ATCQ ID number: A03-12171
  • General contractor’s license: RBQ 8271-1706-08

We’re proud of the fact that we’ve made it possible for thousands of people like you to regain their peace and quiet.