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Industrial, commercial and professional office soundproofing: we have a solution for that’s right for you

Professional and commercial soundproofing

Do you have professional offices where you’d like to offer your clientele a private setting in order to maintain the confidentiality of their consultations? Whether you’re a physician, psychologist or lawyer, Insonorisations M.G. has a solution. In fact, thanks to our know-how and the quality of the materials we use, we can soundproof the walls, doors and even the windows of your offices to create a secure professional space. We can install double-thick windows and soundproof your doors to prevent any noise-related disturbances. But our expertise doesn’t stop there! We can also soundproof your business, nightclub and restaurant.

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Industrial soundproofing

Whether you need to soundproof the offices in your plant or have acoustic insulation installed around the compressors and conveyors, you can count on our team! We undertake every industrial soundproofing project with professionalism, rigor and meticulous attention to detail. Besides soundproofing your offices and machinery, we can also install modular panels around your equipment.

Regardless of the scenario, we can assure you of professional work that will meet all your expectations in terms of efficiency and cleanliness. Contact us and we would be more than happy to discuss your needs and tell you about all the available solutions.

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Our services for professionals and companies

Les Insonorisations M.G. offers you a vast range of industrial soundproofing services for your offices or your business, using products that are safe for the environment and that meet the very highest standards of the industry:

  • Soundproofing for offices
  • Soundproofing for bars and nightclubs
  • Soundproofing for restaurants
  • Soundproofing for childcare facilities
  • Soundproofing for workout rooms
  • Soundproofing for concert halls
  • Soundproofing for music studios
  • Industrial soundproofing
  • Soundproofing for machine rooms
  • Acoustic reverberation control
  • Acoustic and thermal insulation
  • Building insulation and soundproofing correction
  • Application of high-density cellulose
  • Application of polyurethane spray foam
  • New: fire-retardant cement products
  • Industrial soundproofing

When you need soundproofing for your commercial, industrial or office building, choose the experts.